This is a beta version! It's very short, still requires tests and may contain some bugs.


[Cool description here]

Game was created in 1 month for "The Fall All-OGA Game Jam! 2018". My original plan for project was to create more idle-like game, where you could go afk and come back whenever you want. But result is completely different. In some cases my game is now similar to Settlers franchise - building stuff, exploring map etc.

Game has simplified construction system - you only click on a tile and put a building.
Economy system is somehow more fascinating -  buildings generate one type of resource and require other, if you can't afford it - it won't generate anything.
And the last but not least: Military - recruit soldiers to defend your village. There are total of 5 unique units. Battles works like that: first soldier attacks random enemy, first enemy attacks random soldier etc. 

Game is also full of easter eggs and references, so have fun!

Made withUnity


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Awesome, PO TA TOES!